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Welcome to my diary

Please bear with me, since the site went down, I haven't had the time to get it back up and running, so, this is work in progress. I will, in time, obviously, if it is available to me get it up to date.

11 Jun 2018
Another day of Bicarbonate only

I have had a days holiday from work today, and spent most of the day adding book review posts on this website. My main anti-cancer regimen has been bicarbonate of soda, pretty much the same as yesterday. So, in my…

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10 Jun 2018
Mainly Bicarbonate Today

So, in response to my New Diary Post format I wrote yesterday, here is my diary entry for today Sunday 10th June 2018. Thoughts. My thoughts this morning was, I need to get my PH up today, we had a…

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09 Jun 2018
My new Diary Post Format

From now on, I am going to add a new layout to my diary posts, which will follow the following format. Thoughts My thoughts about what I am about to do. Actions The actions I have taken, or not Results…

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03 Jun 2018
Colon Cancer Symptoms

Colon Cancer Symptoms, what were mine before having it checked out? Firstly, I had an urge to visit the toilet, after eating or drinking anything.  I didn't realise it at the time, but what was happening was that I was…

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24 Jan 2016
Spooky 2 Rife Machine – The Start of my Journey

Royal Raymond Rife was a brilliant scientist. He invented a machine to save humanity, but what did we do with this technology. Wasted it, as usual.

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12 Jan 2015
The BIG Decision – No Chemo, Surgery or Radiation for me!

So, I had read Mums Not having chemo,  Ty Bollinger's book, Cancer Step Outside the Box, and Cancer, Why We Are Dying to Know the Truth, and had started watching some Ty's earlier video's that my newly found friend Vincent Crewe…

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15 Dec 2014
MRI Scan

At least an MRI scan is not carcinogenic unlike the CT scan they subjected me to. Had I have know that previously, I would have refused it. The radiographer lays you onto the bed, and gives you some earphones to…

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10 Dec 2014
CT Scan

So, having been given the dreaded news, it was back to the hospital for me. This time, for a CT scan, otherwise know as a CAT scan.  See the full explanation on the NHS website here  It was only later…

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03 Dec 2014
That Fateful Day

The big C. On the 3rd December 2014, I was diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer.  A day, that any cancer sufferer will tell you, it changed their life, forever. It certainly did for me. The oncologist assured me, we can get…

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